Friday, 24 February 2017

Bancroft Wines Annual Portfolio Tasting 2017

We held our annual portfolio tasting on Wednesday 15th February, at the wonderful Glaziers Hall, London Bridge; a new year and a brand new venue for Bancroft! Guests enjoyed views of the (albeit slightly grey and gloomy) Thames as they sipped and slurped their way through our portfolio selection.

The atmospheric River Room at Glaziers Hall, illuminated in Bancroft blue!

The more eagle-eyed attendees may have noticed a couple of new names nestled amidst the usual suspects. These included Raf and Nuria De Haan of Herència Altés, from Spain’s Terra Alta region, whose official UK launch will be coming soon – watch this space! They have already been making waves in the wine community, with 7 of their wines being awarded 90 points and over by the Wine Advocate’s Luis Guttiérez. Another debut that drew much attention was Mallorquin winery Es Fangar, presented by Oria Palma, and with wines made by Daniel Morales of Priorat and South African fame. In the snapshot selection, a clutch of new labels could be seen among the ranks, namely Mas des Combes (Gaillac), Domaine de l’Alba (Corbières), Domaine Guisset (Roussillon) and Château Mazetier (Bordeaux).  Anyone interested in learning more about our new additions will be able to read all about them in our new list, to be released in April, or by contacting us directly at marketing@bancroftwines.com.

Oria Palmer of Es Fangar pouring her wines

Raf and Nuria De Haan

We were lucky enough to be joined by representatives for 27 of our wonderful producers, and tasters were able to sample over 250 wines from our portfolio. Alongside the individual producer tables, we featured two Snapshot selections – one general and one focusing on Burgundy – to give a flavour of what else we have to offer.

Ever generous, we featured a prize draw to win a magnum of Gratiot-Pillière Tradition Brut to those who took the time to fill out our feedback form at the back of the booklet. Congratulations to Justin Waples, the lucky winner – party at his place, everyone!

Oria Palma was also kind (and brave!) enough to treat a few guests to a Masterclass on Es Fangar and the wines of Mallorca. A learning curve for many in attendance, her insight was fascinating – so fascinating, in fact, that I am going to write a separate blog post about it! 
Stay tuned for more...  

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