Wednesday, 2 July 2008

A taste of summer…Billecart Salmon Rosé

With British Summertime well and truly here, Wimbledon in full swing and Britain (well, Scotland at least) with a player through to the last sixteen for now at least, is there a better time to indulge in one of the world's finest Rosé Champagnes…I think not.
I had the good fortune of drinking it on two occasions over the weekend, thanks to a very generous “moving house” gift from a friend and can assure you that it is all you will ever need to make the pain of moving all but disappear and become all the more bearable.

Vibrant salmon pink in colour with strings of fine bubbles rising steadily from the bottom of the glass. On the nose, aromas of fresh strawberries and a hint of biscuitty richness. The mousse is soft and elegant with flavours of crushed strawberry and cream on the palate. It has amazing length, acidity and a beautiful crisp finish.

Whilst I can highly recommend supping it sat on a pile of boxes, with a bag of ‘Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar' Kettle chips trying to work out how to fit one's worldly possessions into a small 1 bedroom flat, I think it would far better lend itself to an early evening pre-barbeque sharpener or with a grilled tuna steak anda crisp green salad for lunch.

Easily the bestnon-vintage rosé Champagne I have had in years and a sure fire way ease you gently through the summer.

Nigel Jones