Monday, 25 July 2016

The Loire – land of eggs, Cabernet and windmills

A couple of weeks ago, Rob (@LuckyRobb99) and Anne (@annecathelineau) from our London Trade team headed off to sunnier settings: the Val de Loire. With suppliers from the coastal Muscadet to the continental Pouilly-Fumé 240 miles east, they were spoilt for choice. They opted to explore the road less traveled and found themselves in the land of eggs, Cabernet and windmills.

"We headed off to the arguably less well known end of the Loire, to the Appellations of Anjou, Saumur and Vendeé to see, first-hand, how our relatively new growers work and are set up. We started with Jeremie Mourat in the Vendée and it soon became obvious that he is a big fish in a small AC pond. Very forward thinking, experimental and rigorous in the way he works, crafting high quality wines across his estate. His unusual but very drinkable white Pinot Noir was universally enjoyed, matured in clay eggs to allow similar slow oxidation / development as oak barrels but with no woody flavour impact. 

Monday, 18 July 2016

IWC Wine List of the Year - Highly Commended

Bancroft Wines does not go down without a fight: though we may have missed the hotly-contested top spot for Wine List of the Year at the International Wine Challenge, we went down swinging and scooped a Highly Commended Trophy for our troubles. Our two lists (Agency and Trade), meticulously assembled by our Marketing and Purchasing teams, are specifically tailored to the needs of the Off- and On-Trade. They are so much more than a simple price list: we tell the stories of our family owned suppliers and their unique terroirs. Though the tale may change from one producer to the next – the story of one renegade winemaker in the Loire to the history of a pioneering Argentine family, the silex soils of Vouvray to the loose sandy soils of Mendoza - the ending is always the same: world class wine.

To request a copy of our award-winning list, just drop us a line: On-Trade List or Off-Trade List

Friday, 8 July 2016

To the Languedoc and back again: Bancroft's Mike reports...

Recently, Bancroft's very own Mike Unsworth and Managing Director Neil McAndrew recently took a trip over the channel to tour the realms the South of France in the company of some of their favourite vinous chums. Mike Unsworth reports:

"This time three weeks ago, we were stood on a plateau in the hills of the Languedoc, looking over the expansive vineyards of Domaine Cabrials. While our guests filmed the winemaker and quizzed him about a wine anorak's favourite subjects - soil types, pH levels, clonal selection and the like - we took a step back behind the camera and enjoyed a moment's rest with a cool glass of Sauvignon Blanc.