Tuesday, 29 July 2014

David Nieuwoudt (Cederberg, South Africa) in new project with Julio Bouchon in Chile

In the first joint venture of their kind, Julio Bouchon from Chile and David Nieuwoudt, winemaker at Cederberg - one of South Africa’s most prestigious wineries, have teamed up to produce a new wine.
The 2013 Sauvignon Blanc called ‘Longavi’ is the result of three years hard work between Julio Bouchon Lyon and David Nieuwoudt, internationally acclaimed winemaker from South Africa.

Produced at Bouchon’s winery in Chile, the wine is made from selected vineyard parcels in the Leyda Valley. It has a limited production of five thousand bottles and will be available from the Autumn of 2014 in the UK, exclusively through Bancroft Wines.
Julio, David and Julio Bouchon together

The name Longavi means ‘snakes head’ and draws on the spirit and legends of two continents. It comes from a stratovolcano called Nevado de LongavĂ­ – a perennially snowcapped peak of 3242m, situated in the Maule region in Chile. This is a large, lone-standing crater, showing immense stature, set majestically at the foot of the Andes. A small town was established here long after this crater was formed, also called Longavi. 

The vine wreath depicted in the logo on the bottle denotes the Ourobos – an ancient African symbol that represents nature’s eternal cycle of renewal. The condor soaring high above the Andes represents freedom and the search for perfection. The sacred bird is believed to be man’s messenger to the gods.

The Longavi Sauvignon Blanc is bright, pale straw in colour with a green tinge. It shows mineral aromas with a beautiful combination of asparagus and floral notes coming to the fore. It is fresh with a distinctive minerality and crisp acidity that it takes from the terroir of Chile’s Leyda Valley.

This product is representative of quality over quantity and David’s impressive winemaking expertise being applied in a completely different continent. A Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon are also in the pipeline for release in 2015. The project came about as an idea at a Bancroft post-London Wine Fair party over a few beers – now finally realised together.

The Longavi Sauvignon Blanc
David Nieuwoudt says:
"The inspiration behind the Longavi brand was the endless opportunities  to produce quality wines from undiscovered terroir in the Valley of Leyda, it is going to be an exciting journey with Julio Bouchon.”

Julio Bouchon comments:
“David and I first met, eventually becoming great friends by tasting each other’s wines together, vintage to vintage on the Bancroft stand at the London Wine Fair every year.

Julio and David in the Leyda vineyards
We came up with the DREAM of making a wine together in Chile with David being the winemaker because the potential of Chile has no boundaries. Our dream finally became a reality – and this year we now have the wine.

Because this is our own project, there are no limits, no restrictions. We can just follow our imaginations and still maintain a respect for the grapes.

Why [work with] David? Because he is one of the best winemakers I’ve ever met in my life. The respect he has for the terroir and the expression of his wines is unrivalled. Apart from that he is a great friend. What else I can say?

The name Longavi is in homage to volcano Longavi in Chile. My favourite mountain. Big. Massive. Always topped with snow. It stands at more than 3.000 meters in altitude. This mountain is a dream for me. One day I will hike this mountain and when I do I will ski down it. Longavi to me is a like a dream too; one that is now is a reality.”

Confirmed stockists for the Sauvignon Blanc so far include Virgin Wines at an RRP of £14.99

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