Friday, 26 March 2010

'Bu-ket-trau-be' - never heard of it!

'Variety is on our nature' is an accurate declaration when it comes to South African wine. Take Bukettraube ('bu-ket-trau-be') for example. Heard of it? Hard enough to pronounce it and we have checked the spelling three times already. Bukettraube is a variety of white grape with a German origin that has found a notable home in the cool high altitude mountain region of Cederberg (approx. 80km north of Cape Town). The variety adapts well to the Cederberg region (it is a ward really as well as a winery and range of mountains), where summers are cooler compared to some of South Africa's other wine areas and rainfall is low.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Chilean Earthquake: Julio Bouchon Winery is levelled but cellars and wine are safe

At Viña Neyen de Apalta in Colchagua, Patrick Valette said, "We wanted to start the white harvest on Thursday but now it's impossible without electricity".

He also reported that the J Bouchon winery near the epicentre of the quake "is safe but his beautiful old winery is leveled."

Source: Decanter.com