Friday, 26 March 2010

'Bu-ket-trau-be' - never heard of it!

'Variety is on our nature' is an accurate declaration when it comes to South African wine. Take Bukettraube ('bu-ket-trau-be') for example. Heard of it? Hard enough to pronounce it and we have checked the spelling three times already. Bukettraube is a variety of white grape with a German origin that has found a notable home in the cool high altitude mountain region of Cederberg (approx. 80km north of Cape Town). The variety adapts well to the Cederberg region (it is a ward really as well as a winery and range of mountains), where summers are cooler compared to some of South Africa's other wine areas and rainfall is low.

South Africa is one of the few wine producing countries to bottle Bukettraube as a single varietal wine. The wine is naturally produced semi-sweet (24 g/l sugar) – but keep reading on because if you love a wine that delivers extraordinary flavour and satisfaction you must endeavour to try it.

The nose is utterly bright with exotic and floral aromas – the flavour is of rich tropical fruit; think papaya and guava with honey and ginger. A brisk fresh finish (that's the 1036m altitude) energises the palate and rounds the wine off to be thoroughly delicious. It has been a while since we have used guava and papaya in a tasting note - evidence of its distinctiveness. A great companion to curries, summer time barbeques and looking brainy when you bring it to a dinner party or order in a restaurant.
Next time you are in a swish restaurant – one where they have a sommelier as part of the service ask him or her: do you have a Bukettraube? If they have never heard of the wine tell them it is the ‘new Gew├╝rztraminer.'

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