Friday, 9 December 2011

The first rule about Lunch Club....

With recent lunchtime extravagances weighing heavily upon our minds and our wallets, a small group of us here at Bancroft decided to make amends this week by starting up a little lunch club. The premise was simple – 3 people, each bringing in a pre-prepared lunch for the others one day this week, thus assuaging our collective guilt after an unnecessary (but delicious) lunch at Pizzaro last week. The absence of a microwave or any cooking equipment in our office kitchen meant the meals would have to be variations on the theme of ‘cold’.
Alex took the lead, setting the bar extremely high with pheasant cooked in port. Possibly not the most effective way of cutting back, you might argue, but these were pheasants that Alex just happened to have hanging around at home (ditto the port) – it’s best not to ask too many questions...

We took a break the following day as we were in recovery from the office Christmas party (and therefore on a pure coffee diet for 24 hours), but then I stepped up to the plate with my patented “Man Salad”. Made of exclusively manly ingredients, such as bacon, eggs and blue cheese, it was well received by all, and made an unexpectedly excellent accompaniment to the glass of Roty Marsannay 2008 we enjoyed along with it –delicious sour raspberries, zingy acidity which cut through the oily salad, and subtle hints of dark chocolate, wet leaves and savoury mushroom all clamouring for attention on the finish.
The gauntlet has been well and truly thrown down – Claire’s up on Monday. Let’s see what she’s got...

By Stephen Holmes

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