Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Alex's WSET report on Portugal

After great results in her WSET diploma, Alex was awarded a trip to Portugal with Sogrape. She has written a fantastically detailed report on her visit to several Portuguese regions. Here is a snippet below, but follow the link to the WSET website for the full report.

"As a land of astonishing beauty and diversity it should have come as no surprise that this country could produce wines of an extraordinary calibre in a number of styles from the low alcohol and vibrant Vinho Verde to the firey silken beauty of the aged tawny ports. It is not just the diversity of the soil, altitude and climate that is responsible for the quality of the Portuguese wines, but the depth and breadth of the indigenous variteties that allows the winemakers the opportunity to explore and innovate. As is too often the case, the quality and diversity of the Portuguese offering remains a secret from the majority of consumers, undervalued and under-represented in the restaurants and independent retailers throughout London. The journey with Sogrape through the four major Portuguese wine regions of Alentejo, Dao, Douro and Vinho Verde highlighted the potential the country has as an international heavy weight for the wines are beautifully crafted, boasting personalities as distinct as the talented men and women making them......"

To view full report, visit the WSET website

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