Monday, 30 July 2012

Leonardo, Marjan Simcic - the ultimate sweetie

Having our team in Slovenia visiting Marjan Simcic, reminded us in the office of just how amazing the Leonardo wine is! The Sommelier Wine Awards 2012 voted it as the best sweet wine of the competition. An unbelievable wine, named after Marjan's son, Leonardo.

"As for the Leonardo from Marjan Simčič, it was without doubt one of the star wines of this year’s tasting. Yes, it was expensive, and yes an oxidised Slovenian wine made from dried Ribolla grapes might just be a hand sell. But nobody who tasted it ever spat and every bottle opened was passed from taster to taster like a spliff at a Rastafarian wedding. If we ever saw a sommelier wearing a rapturous expression during the SWA tastings, you could more or less guarantee that they’d experienced the Leonardo.

‘It’s got so many layers…’ sighed consultant Frédéric Jean-Yves Billet.

‘Wonderful. Just wonderful…’ agreed Hakkasan’s Christine Parkinson.

Giving it a
Critics’ Choice award seemed the least we could do…"

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