Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Slovenia and Croatia Trip in pictures - Part 2 Vina Matosevic, Croatia

Day two of their tasting trip and the team are off to Croatia to visit Vina Matosevic. The photo story is narrated by Neb Gusic, director.

5 hours later and we leave Slovenia.  After a few hours in the car, we are at Matosevic's in Istria, Croatia.
He greets us properly – with the glass of wine.

Selection of Oysters presented by the local Oyster master Emil

Amazing lunch again. We are getting truly spoiled.
Malvasia really fits well with the local cuisine. Star of the wines for me was the Malvasia Antiqua 2008.

At this point Duilio Balic told us all we needed to know about olive oil- he is the local olive oil champion.

In the cellar, Matosevic explains about the different cuvees of Malvasia, explaining his use of wood.

Then we were reminded it was time to go and catch the plane. We were very sad to leave.

Light refreshment at the airport on our way to back home. What a fantastic trip!

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