Tuesday, 12 February 2013

New German Wines - Dr Loosen and Rudolf Furst

Thursday morning was a German wine themed treat for the Bancroft team when we were introduced to the new Germanic ranges that Bancroft has on offer.


Paul Fürst and his son Sebastian run the Fürst estate. Based in Bürgstadt in the Franken region of Germany, their wines are regarded as some of the best in the region. Everything in the vineyards is done by hand, which enables great attention to quality. Although not officially certified as such, Fürst try to be organic wherever possible. Contrary to a region known for its rusticity, Fürst wines are remarkably elegant, yet expressive of varietal and terroir.

2011 Silvaner Pur Mineral: This is a delicate wine, with green fruit, herbaceous character and a hint of smokiness. Beautifully crisp with stated mineral undertones, this wine has been described as “spring in a glass”. To have as an accompaniment to asparagus, sushi or other dishes high in acidity. Alex also suggested drinking it alongside Tandoori chicken.

2011 Riesling Centgrafenberg: A lovely, bone dry Riesling with striking acidity, this is intensely flavoured and fresh. It’s a lively wine, which due to its acidity, cries out for food. Leave for 3-4 years in the bottle and it will take on a new character.


Ernst Loosen is somewhat of a global ambassador when it comes to Riesling. He took over the Loosen estate in 1988 and with it inherited some wonderfully old vines, averaging 60 years old (although the oldest are 120 years). Dr Loosen is based in Bernkastel, about half way up the Mosel River, amidst a concentration of the Mosel region’s best vineyards.

2011 Riesling Estate QbA: A fragrant, floral nose, followed by a fruit-full initial impression on the palate of apricot and hints of honey, finished with an upliftingly crisp acidity, which makes the wine incredibly fresh, despite its residual sugar. Due to its low alcohol content (7.5%), generous amounts of this Riesling could be enjoyed al fresco of a summer’s afternoon.

2010 Erdener Treppchen Riesling Spätlese: A sweet wine, with great body and clean flavour, petrol, citrus and apricot notes. Despite its sweetness, this wine is beautifully balanced by its fresh acidic and intensely mineral finish.

2006 Beerenauslese 18.7cl: A rich honeyed dessert wine, with orange blossom, and floral suggestions. This wine has a fantastic finish and like all of Loosen’s wines, remains fresh. It would go perfectly with Tarte au Citron.

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