Thursday, 21 February 2013

Wines in the Press

In the latest edition of Decanter, Stephen Spurrier recommends wines for the cellar. Amongst them are a handful of wines that Bancroft are proud to stock.

Bernard Billaud


Billaud-Simon Les Clos Chablis - "lightly honeyed with Les Clos's rich, dry finish and a great future".

North Rhone:

Francois Villard Grand Vallons, Condrieu - "ripeness with a mineral edge", "beautifully balanced with a good future".

Francois Villard Seul en Scene - "concerntrated and velvety, superbly brilliant and expressive".

Clos de Cuminaille, St Joseph - " rich, even creamy fruit with finesse".

Francois Villard

Domaine de la Mordoree La Reine des Bois, Lirac - "impressive fruit, will gain finesse".

The Mordoree Team

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