Tuesday, 18 June 2013

10X Pinot Noir in Matthew Jukes' 100 Best Australian Wines 2013 again

Matthew Jukes has rated the 2011 vintage of Martin Spedding's Mornington Peninsula 10X Pinot Noir into his top 100 Australian Wines.

"The 2011 vintage was a bit of a dog and everyone in Mornington had to fight to make great wine. Some failed. TMBT is a hero estate and this cuvee is becoming a regular in this list. This is because these guys select, select and select again. Nothing goes into the wines if it doesn't fit and the results are thrilling. With a stunning, lifted, wild berry and red rose nose and a sleek, curvy palate this is a very sexy wine indeed. Gone is the muscle of a warmer vintage and also the darker hue and oakier outlook. 2011 welcomes clean lines and freshness and this vitality in Pinot cannot be understimated. As is usually the case, the best estates make great wines in so-called off vintages and they are always more forward and engagin in their youth. 2011 10X is a perfect example." Matthew Jukes

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