Friday, 20 February 2015

Recent press for Matosevic: CH4's Sunday Brunch and Ham and High

With Ivica Matosevic heading up our masterclass at Bancroft's Annual Portfolio Tasting last week, it seems he is on fire at the moment when it comes to press and public interest.

Ivica hosting our Eastern Discoveries masterclass last week
Matosevic had five minutes of fame on Channel 4's Sunday Brunch at the beginning of the month and also feautures in Liz Sagues' latest column on emerging regions. Contact us for more info on his wines, and on Simcic's from Slovenia... there's just something a little bit magical about them...

Watch the full episode here.

In addition, Liz Sagues in a headline that says it all 'Rest of the world is the one to watch' mentions Matosevic in her latest column... Making wine waves the Croatian way...

"There are, though, convenient sources of excellent wines from Istria, that chunk of Croatia which sticks out into the Adriatic. Slurp (www.slurp.co.uk) has four from Matosevic, one of the best growers: particularly good is the acacia-barrel-fermented Alba Antique 2009 (£25.95), from malvasia istriana grapes, with
restrained flavours and generous minerality."


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