Monday, 2 February 2015

Simcic: Five must-visit wineries at the Decanter Mediterranean Fine Wine Encounter

Slovenian winery Simcic, exclusive to Bancroft Wines in the UK, will be exhibiting at Decanter's Mediterranean Fine Wine Encounter in March. Simic is rated as number two in their top five must-visit wineries taking part in the event, out of a total of almost 70.

“The vineyards of Simčič straddle the border between Italy and Slovenia in an area called the Brda hills. Famed for its mineral-rich sandstone and marl soil, this region also reaps the benefits of warm Mediterranean air on one side, and shelter from colder alpine influences on the other thanks to the Trnovoska Plateau; all three factors being recognised as far back as the Romans for being conducive to quality winemaking.

The farm was established in the latter half of the 19th century by Anton Simčič, who also built an inn and general store in the local village, plus a wine merchant in Vienna.

At the helm since 1988 has been Marjan Simčič who has overseen a transition towards more organic principles and the banishing of insecticides and chemical fertilisers.

For many, Simčič represents the apex of the Slovenian wine world, and it truly makes extraordinary wines full of personality and charm, as evidenced by the volume of awards it has been garlanded with around the world.”

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