Wednesday, 18 March 2015

#MorethanMalbec Luigi Bosca Lunch with Alberto Arizu

Last Wednesday we hosted a lunch with Alberto Arizu, past president of Wines of Argentina, and current reigning head of Luigi Bosca - frequently dubbed the 'Monarchs of Mendoza' since they've been there, running the winery through the family, since 1901. Alberto was also actively involved in the creation of the Lujan de Cuyo D.O.C, the first in Argentina. "It's not an appellation, it's a commitment" Alberto commented over lunch.

Argentina has successfully grown and profited from 'brand Malbec' over the past few years, but in 2015 it progresses into what many people see as phase two of the wine industry here.

Bancroft Wines and Luigi Bosca are keen to show that although Luigi Bosca and Argentina are excellent Malbec growers and winemakers, they are also capable of showing other wines and varietals that they consider to be just as excellent in quality.

Today, we are also keen to match these with a cuisine that is not just traditionally Argentine in essence – today there will be no steak, chimichurri or empanadas in sight. The cuisine from Benares is appropriately stylish to replicate that of Luigi Bosca's own design, but also appropriately different and interesting.

Today is a chance to discover some new pairings, and get a taste for what else Argentina and Luigi Bosca is very capable of producing in addition to its well-known, quality Malbecs.

 The wines on show over lunch were as follows:

Brut Methode Traditional, Luigi Bosca NV

Luigi Bosca Riesling, 2014

The wines were shown in three flights - whites, non-Malbecs and Malbecs of points of difference. They happily showed beautifully against the food we were served, including  -

SARSON MACCHI: Mustard Flavoured Tandoori Salmon
KELE KI GALOUTI: Plantain Kebab with Tamarind and Date Chutney
LAAL MAANS: Classic Rajasthani Spiced Lamb Stew
MURG MALAI KORMA: Cardamom and Maize Infused Chicken in Cashew Nut Gravy
RASMISSE ALOO: Pink Fir Potatoes and Tomato Curry
MUNG DAL: Cumin Tempered Whole Mung Lentil
KADAI PANEER: Wok Tossed Cottage Cheese and Capsicum Stir Fry

This was a positive, intended result with food that could easily have presented something of a challenge. But here at Bancroft we like to expand people's horizons and take them on a journey of extra-vinous discovery.

The Gala 3 was one of the favourite wines of the day - one of only a few white blends in Argentina, it is made from Viognier, Chardonnay and Riesling, and is a wine that was created specifically for the UK market a number of years ago. This was in addition to the UCO Valley los Miradores Pinot Noir - something you might not expect to work with such full flavour food, but it did. The range on show demonstrates the breadth of range and quality that a winery like Luigi Bosca is able to offer - a veritable artist's palette of varietals.

We love our Malbecs, but here is the proof of what else Argentina can offer of equal quality too!
(Bancroft's Neb, inset, is particularly enthused about this)

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