Thursday, 1 October 2015

News from Julia Walch, daughter and next generation at Elena Walch, Alto Adige.

Julia Walch, daughter of Elena Walch (pictured left and right respectively) gives us a little news on how this year's harvest is going and other developements at the winery...

"We have built a new underground fermentation cellar, as well as a new cellar for storing and aging our Riserva and Single Vineyard wines. Very recently we had the inauguration of it with our Italian salesforce and Italian media. The purpose of this investment is to further improve the quality of our red Riservas. In fact the new facility allows us to ferment whole berries and/or whole bunches, in order to preserve more fruit and crystal-clear aromas as well as softer tannins. This mid-sized facility is certainly a state of the art fermenting cellar in all of Italy.

The brand new state of the art fermentation cellar
Gambero Rosso 2016: as you might have heard, again this year we were awarded with the 3 Bicchieri by Gambero Rosso. This year, it was the Lagrein Riserva “Castel Ringberg” 2011. Surely you can use this information in order to promote this very special wine.

Harvest 2015: I am happy to announce that we do have an extraordinary quality in our vats: Due to very favourable weather conditions throughout the growing season, the red grapes are perfect to make outstanding wines and the whites are also of great complexity combined with a perfect acidity which will probably make those wines memorable. We honestly believe that this could be one of the best vintages in decades"

We can't wait to taste....

Thanks for the update Julia :-)

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