Wednesday, 3 June 2015

New releases and fantastic scores for the Kings of Ribera, Viña Pedrosa

We have just heard that Viña Pedrosa has released the highly anticipated and award-winning new vintages of their Reserva (2011) and Gran Reserva (2009) wines. This family just keeps on producing stunning Ribera wines, year on year...!

Vina Pedrosa Reserva 2011

Made from 90% Tinto fino (Tempranillo) and 10% Cabernet – Sauvignon from selected plots, this wine is only made in the best vintages. Intense ruby-red in colour, with aromas of spices, smoke, liquorice and light hints of truffle. Yum! Concentrated and very intense on the palate with elegance in abundance.

95 Points, Guia Gourmet 2015
95 Points, Guia Repsol 2015
93 Points, Guia Peñin 2015
93 Points, Guia El País 2015
96 Points, La Semana Vitivinícola

Vina Pedrosa Gran Reserva 2009

Made from 90% Tinto Fino and 10% Cabernet and aged for 24 months in oak, this wine has superb finesse and personality. It has outstanding liveliness that promises a long life ahead. Extremely complex with a solid and powerful structure yet absolute elegance. Very limited production from vines aged 30-years and older.

96 Points, Guia Gourmet 2015
94 Points, Guia Repsol 2015
92 Points, Guia Peñin 2015
94 Points, Guia El País 2015
95 Points, La Semana Vitivinícola
95 Points, Guia Vivir el Vino 2015 

Perez Pascuas Gran Seleccion 2009

This has to be one of my favourite wines of our list and I really enjoyed it with the leg of ham, expertly carved by Juan from Pedrosa, we had at the LIWF - a perfect match! Made from 80 year-old-vines and aged for 26 months in American and French oak casks, only 5000 bottles are made of this extraordinary wine. Regarded as the "Vino de la Familia", it is crafted with the utmost love and attention. Aromas of red currants, spice and liquorice alert the senses. The wine comes alive on the palate with complex mineral hints, voluptuous mouth feel and a silky smooth texture. Perfection!
99 Points, Guia Gourmet 201597 Points, Guia Repsol 2015
93 Points, Guia Peñin 2015
97 Points, Guia El País 2015
97 Points, La Semana Vitivinícola
97 Points, Guia Vivir el Vino 2015

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