Monday, 1 June 2015

Schild Estate launches their Limited Release Shiraz Prämie 2013 at the LWF 2015

The London Wine Fair 2015 played host to plenty of launches and releases, but the grand UK unveiling of Schild Estates Limited Release Shiraz, the new Prämie 2013, elbowed all the competition out of the way. Our ears were burning when the LWF name dropped Schild as one to watch this year, inviting trade professionals to experience ‘lightning caught in a bottle’.

A family estate in the Barossa with vines over 165 years old, Schild Estate seized the opportunity a superb 2013 vintage offered them and blended, nurtured and finally bottled this Limited Release. The Prämie blends exquisite fruits from the most exciting vineyard parcels of the year in a single bottle, and stands as a crowning accomplishment of the estate.

Judy Watson (née Schild, of course) had this to say about the project:

“2013 was an incredible year for Shiraz in our part of the world, with some real fruit prominence, genuine depth of flavour and firm tannins all ensuring the wines are fresh, concentrated and balanced. Through a combination of hard work and some help from Mother Nature the stars aligned, and we were able to exceed the benchmarks we had set for this project.”

Chief Winemaker Scott Hazeldine demonstrates his passion for this raw and earthy expression of Barossa Shiraz with his own tasting note:

“The Shiraz is characterised by a deep, dark ruby colour that is bolstered by rich blackberry and fresh blood plum fruit aromas. A firm and persistent tannin framework creates a unique tasting experience.”

While the Wine Fair was the UK’s first showing, Judy and the rest of the family unveiled the wine in Adelaide before whizzing over to Sydney and treating a special few to dinner at Foveaux Street Dining.

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