Friday, 7 October 2011

Wine Wednesday 7th October 2011

In attendance:  Most of the office! 

They say (I think) that a change is as good as a rest but as far as Wine Wednesday is concerned we have had both and to be honest I am slightly unsure of the result. 

There is so much to say about where we have been and what we have been doing and why it has been so long time without a blog, but nothing that seems more pressing than to say, as Wine Wednesday goes things ain’t what they used to be.  First of all, on this Friday, only Alex was there in the Court Yard waiting for me.  Next I learned that Rob Allen was joining us for, and wait for it, a walk to Borough Market for a quick pint followed by a trip to the cheese shop to buy some picnic supplies so that we could have in lunch in the office.  Really Bancroft? Really.  What happened to the lovely Maltings Café, with the nice staff and tables and chairs and ya’ know, lunch? A glimmer of familiarity though, the infamous Robertson charm prevailed, apparently I looked like a farmer and a witch.

James turned up too and with no time for further discussion since Martin and Stephen and the wine were waiting for us, we set off to gather supplies.  With our priorities straight (Martin and Stephen who?), we stopped off at the Market Porter to have some seasonally named Autumn Ale and to enjoy the fleeting company of Gina and Claire in the late afternoon sun.  Alex, James and I then tumbled into the cheese shop to be indulged, educated and humoured by a charming member of Neal’s Yard Dairy staff. 

A quick stop for some wild boar sausage and a sour dough baguette and we were off back to the office. 


Back at the office and everyone seemed to be learning about sherry, I huffed and puffed until we could eat, and was ‘only as disruptive as normal’ according to Martin.   Eventually, food was served and was accompanied by the Top 40 Polish Songs of All Time (thanks DJ Wheatley) and a bottle of Eternum Viti 2008 (a bargain at £9.85).  Toro is becoming an increasingly popular region for the deep-coloured, ripe wines that it produces with an excellent quality-price ratio that beats many of its neighbours.  The Eternum Viti was recently awarded 90 points from the Wine Advocate and we all agreed it gets a top score when paired with Neal’s Yard cheeses.   

It may have been restful and it certainly was entertaining but I am nostalgic.  A traditional Wine Wednesday is coming soon; I can feel it in my (witches) bones.

Written by Amy Ramage

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