Monday, 5 September 2016

New recruits: Jack Cousins

Now fully inducted into life at Bancroft Wines, Jack Cousins has recently joined us on the orders desk as Sales Support Coordinator. A small Q&A session with him let's us get to know him better...

What were you doing before you came to Bancroft?
Working in wine PR, however I fancied pursuing a career in sales and was lucky enough to land a job here at Bancroft as a Sales Support Coordinator.

How did you discover your love for wine?
Through family friends up the road when I was growing up. Their dinners were always paired with some lovely wines.

What’s the most memorable wine experience you’ve had to date?
Working on a small family-owned vineyard in DO Pla do Bages, Spain. Hard work but well rewarded with some local Spanish tipples in the evening.

What are your favourite regions at the moment? Favourite wines? How did you come across them?
I recently came back from spending some time in South-West France, and have been loving the punchy, full-bodied wines from Cahors and Madiran… with food though.

You're adding to the office Spanish speakers - where did you learn?
At school originally. I quickly became aware of the fact that studying it a degree level meant you got to go abroad for a year so have been trying to keep it up to scratch ever since.

What are you doing this weekend?
Moving away from wine and having a real ale tasting session with my new housemates to christen the abode.

Speak to Jack when you next call us, or meet him at one of our next events.

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